Having long experiences in Manufacturing and delivering of food mixtures in Food Industry and foreseeing the opportunities of the Instant Powder Fruit Juice market in Thailand, Inthaco Co., Ltd. with the higher productive potentiality during the past 15 years started to set up Food Mixes Group Co., Ltd. as a leading manufacturer and distributor of Instant Powder Fruit Juice of the country under OJ SQUEEZE Brand.

Food Mixes Group Co., Ltd. originated from the co-operation with a company in the United States, business partner who joined in to penetrate into the market choosing OJ SQUEEZE Brand from overseas. The first product launched was Orange Juice in…………..

At the first stage, the Manufacturing and distributing of Instant Powder Fruit Juice under OJ SQUEEZE Brand by Food Mixes Group Co., Ltd. targeted at the catering groups like hotels, schools and restaurants, introduced the products as well as facilitated the installation of fruit juice drink mixes bars in various places using OJ SQUEEZE Instant Powder Fruit Juice as raw material.

OJ SQUEEZE Instant Powder Fruit Juice products group are developed from basic fruit juice or punch to some other Thai fruit juice products respectively such as launching of pineapple juice, guava juice, lemon juice or Thai Herbal Drinks Currently, the market is expanding to the consumer groups through retail shops including exporting to overseas markets.

Because of the policy to use mainly raw material from Thailand which is mostly unique agricultural products together with the high processing technology and many certified standards of production like GMP, HACCP, ISO 9000, ISO 9,200 and Halal, the products under OJ SQUEEZE Brand are getting very good feedback both from local and overseas market.
The Instant Powder fruit juice or curry paste under OJ SQUEEZE Brand started to pioneer into the market over the past 15 years. OJ is abbreviated from Orange Juice which is very popular worldwide and become leading top products of the Instant Powder fruit juice in Thai market before diversifying to Instant Powder Curry Paste nowadays.

It can be said that OJ SQUEEZE is one of the leading Brands in Thai Instant Powder fruit juice market which has been launched in line with the convenient delivering and storing. These are outstanding qualities of the products including the competitive price range. The products can help customers in quality control and cost saving more than the directly processing by natural raw material. This is the motivation pushing OJ SQUEEZE Brand to be one of the top leading Instant Powder Fruit Juice and Curry Mixtures.

The products under OJ SQUEEZE Brand have been continually developed and circulated in the market emphasizing on the Research and Development of Thai Agricultural raw material in another way to promote the Thai Agricultural Sector. Meanwhile, OJ SQUEEZE aims at maintaining the unique Thai Food through Research and Development of Herbal Drinks and Instant powder Curry Mixtures as obviously seen in the successful products for examples Som Tam Powder and Shrimp Paste Powder which can be said that they are well recognized by both consumers and catering groups.
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